Can You Guess Where I Was Recently?

Cuba Souvenirs
Cuba Souvenirs
Cuba Souvenirs
Gift shop display in the Museo de revolution.

Haha! You’re right! I was in Havana, Cuba. (la Habana, as they say here)

Forbidden fruit to US citizens for 1/2 century, Havana does not disappoint one’s senses and curiosity.

The vibe here in Havana is incredible! The energy is all around you.

The people are friendly, positive & upbeat about their country and its future. They like Americans, but are leery about the US government. (aren’t most Americans sentiments the same?)

The whole of Havana is abuzz with activity in the Tourism sector. I met people from all over the world in my few days here. I met a group that traveled here from New Zealand. It took them THREE DAYS to make it here. THREE WHOLE DAYS!

I met Chinese, Japanese, Canadians, all countries from South America, Europeans. The whole world was here. I heard English spoken everywhere as more and more Americans are jumping into the adventure of the Cuban Caribbean.  The Pope even showed up!

I’m hoping that Obama & Raul play a few rounds of golf in 2016. Wouldn’t that give the old line Republicans a good kick in the balz? haha! Well, Trump is all for it! Cuba is a developer’s wet dream.

There are two Cubas. There is the old Cuba that we know and the new Cuba that has risen from the booming Tourism Industry. I met college graduates that earn $20 per month. And, I met Taxi drivers who earn that on one fare.

What’s next? Follow my reports to discover what I learned here because I have a feeling that you too, will be booking a trip to the place that Columbus described as, “The most beautiful land he had ever seen.”

Leave the Chromebook at home and pack the laptop instead. The WIFI connections are only in certain zones and sporadic. Unlike most people online, Cubans have to go to certain narrow zones throughout the city and sit outside in the elements to connect.

obama-Castro-handshakeRemember, this is Cuba in the Caribbean. Hot, steamy and sweaty. Imagine trying to do your work sitting outside in these elements. It’s an unbelievable scene you see in areas in Havana with WIFI as you travel through the city. PLUS to top that off, they wait in line sometimes for hours to buy the access cards for this lousy service. Unbelievable!

It’s 5 am in Havana as I write this in a cafe as the only customer and outside there are packs of people fingering their devices.

I’ll have more tips on my next report, including negotiation tips and what to pack.

I’m back in Miami, where I promised NEVER to curse at my Comcast Connection ever again. LOL! That is , until I received a notice from Comcast that they will be raising by monthly mortgage payment aka The Cable Bill $30.00 because I am a high download user. (bastards)